How To Handle Altercations With Security

Whether justified or not, an altercation between a guest and security should always be taken seriously by everyone involved. Most security guards in Las Vegas should know exactly what they are and are not allowed to do, but for many casino goers, they might not know. For that reason, the Las Vegas casino injury attorneys here at Sandoval James & Walkenshaw are here to support you if you have been injured by hotel or casino security.

Injured by Hotel or Casino Security

One of the biggest attractions Las Vegas has to offer is its extravagant, 24/7 entertainment and a big part of that leisure is the incredible casinos and lavish nightclubs. Guests from all over the world visit Vegas’ casinos and other attractions, leaving the bars, pools, night clubs, and, sometimes even, the casino floors crowded. With thousands of people gathering on their properties, Las Vegas casinos have a responsibility to ensure higher levels of protection to their patrons, and one of the ways they make sure their guests are protected is by maintaining an adequate level of security throughout their hotels. Unfortunately, Vegas’ security guards have, at times, been the one presenting the danger to guests and visitors. Even leaving them with severe injuries at times. If you were hurt or injured by a Las Vegas security guard, the hotel or casino may be responsible for your injuries. Below is some general information addressing what a security guard can and cannot do.

When does security typically get involved?

Most hotels and casinos, as well as their nightclubs, bars, pools, etc., have policies in place that allow for involvement by security guards whenever illegal, dangerous, or disruptive activity is suspected. This involvement typically begins with questioning and can lead to detainment and/or removal from the premises. Security may also contact local police and request the offending person be arrested, holding them until police arrive.

What are security guards allowed to do?

Security guards are not law enforcement and they do not have the same ability to detain, question, or arrest you that law enforcement does. However, Nevada law does provide them with the same authority that all private citizens have. It also gives them some additional, but limited, authority to stop you under specific circumstances. Generally speaking, this means that security guards are allowed to direct you to another part of the hotel or casino’s premises, direct you to leave the premises altogether, and forcefully remove you from the premises if you refuse to leave. They can also defend themselves and others.

In certain situations, security can also use force to detain you against your will. This is usually only if they actually witnessed you commit a crime. Or, if the crime was of a more serious nature and amounted to a felony under Nevada law, they can detain on reasonable suspicion that you committed the crime, even if they did not directly witness it. No matter the situation, if security detains you, they must act reasonably. Meaning they may use no more force and detain you for no longer than necessary under the circumstances. It also means they cannot target, harass, or bully you based on arbitrary things such as your race, religion, age, or appearance.

What if I was hurt by a security guard in Las Vegas?

If you were hurt, injured, assaulted, and/or falsely imprisoned by a security guard in Las Vegas, the people responsible may be liable for your damages and injuries. Under certain circumstances, both the individuals involved and the owner and/or operator of the property could be liable. Meaning, if you were injured or wrongfully detained by security while at a Las Vegas hotel or casino, the security guard(s) and the hotel could both be held responsible.

If you were recently hurt or injured by security guards in Las Vegas and have questions regarding your rights, call or come by SJW Injury Attorneys today. We will discuss your rights and options completely free of charge.