Our Clients Say it Best

If you were hurt or injured in an accident in the Las Vegas, Nevada area and need an attorney to fight for your rights, here is what some of our former clients have said about their experience at Sandoval & James.

“Shawn Walkenshaw was my lawyer. He helped me through the years of pain and anguish from my accident. He was supportive and truly concerned and helped me get through it. In the end he stood up for me and I am starting the road to recovery. Thank You for being there for me. SJW is the best injury attorney firm in Las Vegas.”

Lisa Everingham

“I wouldn’t recommend any other injury law firm in town! Very professional and always available when you need them. I have used them personally and also recommended family members. Exceptional service and value.”

Greg Ruzzine

“Best Injury attorneys in town bar none! I will not go to any other attorney after the great experience that I have had here! The attorneys are hard working, honest, and put their clients needs first.”

Chris Garamendi

“Hands down the best personal injury firm. I work with lawyers all day, and when I asked around, these are the people they told me to see. Natasha and Ian helped walk me through every step of the process and got the biggest settlement they could. 10/10, if you’re hurt. These are the people to see!”

Ben Ortega

“Amazing results! The best in Las Vegas! I was rear-ended by a drunk driver at a red light. I was hesitant to seek legal representation. It became apparent in the week following my accident that my pain was increasing and I had multiple injuries. It was difficult to get doctors’ offices to even see me once they heard that it was a motor vehicle accident. The auto insurance company offered me a trivial amount of money that I knew wasn’t even going to cover my copays for the treatment I would need. My friend encouraged me to call Shawn & it was the best decision I could have made. Shawn and his team helped me get the medical care I needed. They walked me through every step of the process with patience and respect. I will be sending my friends and family to Shawn. Call him. You will be glad you did.”

Aimee Twist

“This accident/injury Law Firm will forever be a part of our family . When in an accident you do the initial steps and for myself well …I was nervous about my car , my injuries, and everything else that comes with an accident on the road. On top of this my case couldn’t have been more work on all of the awesome lawyers at SJW . The wonderful thing is that I didn’t feel the pressure of anything . Everything from the initial phase of getting physical therapy , my car repairs , and to the closing settlement was So smooth . A previous time I had the worst circumstances ever and a previous lawyer was not able to find the driver or even be willing to investigate and the time span of everything with SJW was the opposite and I didn’t have to go to litigation or even a deposition in which Those are never comfortable. I have my trust forever in this law firm and highly recommend Shawn Walkenshaw and anyone else who represents SJW.”

Samantha O’Brien

“I was involved in an accident January 2021 the driver was out of control and he jump in my lane and slammed the break immediately when the police came the realize he was under the influence and they give him a test he fails and was arrested and taking to jail I was injured when I got home I called all the personal injury attorneys that I seen on tv they all told me because I hate him from the rare they would not take my case because I was wrong I been check the telephone book after 15 more attorneys would not take my case the 16th attorney that I contacted I told him my story and he told me on the phone that he would take my case because he said I wasn’t wrong, the Law firm was SJW injury attorneys at law I was told to come to his office and my wife drove me there my attorney Shawn Walkenshaw and he was so sympathetic and very kind also Natasha his paralegal was always so friendly throughout this entire year Shawn rich the settlement on my case and also sued my insurance because my insurance made a bad decision and sighted with the man that caused the accident so he settled with my insurance company as well I was very very impressed with my Lawyer Shawn that got me a lot of money for my accident I Joseph Madira recommend SJW Injury Attorneys”

Belinda Madira

“Honestly, the best experience I have ever had when it has come to lawyers. I was in a car accident where I was hit from behind. My car showed no damage but I was hurt from the accident. No one wanted to help me out but SJW Injury Attorneys did. SJW Injury Attorneys also allowed me to choose my own chiropractor which is nice because you know that when they do something like this, they are not buddy buddies with someone who is trying to work together to just fatten their pockets. I also loved how friendly and nice Natasha was during the whole time the case was being settled. As I was recovering from a concussion, she was checking in on me weekly and also kept me updated on the case on a frequent basis. When I had to come in and sit with Mr Walkenshaw, he was very kind and took his time to explain everything about the case. Overall, the best experience I have had as a client compared to a car accident experience I had many years prior. I recommend that anyone who needs a trustworthy lawyer who takes their time to help you and make you feel as a valued client, I recommend SJW Injury Attorneys.”

Gil Solis

“SJW are the best car accident attorneys out there. I originally did not want to get an attorney but after realizing the at faults party’s insurance company was going to give me the run around, I decided to contact SJW. SJW’s entire staff are honest, caring, compassionate and professional. They kept me informed throughout the entire process and always answered any questions I had. While a car accident can be very stressful, they made the entire process feel as smoothe as possible. I highly recommend SJW.”

Angelina Nichols

“HARDWORKING & COMMITTED! SJW Injury Law was the best decision that I could have ever made when I was hurt in my auto accident. They took the time to listen to me and they made sure that I got thoroughly treated from the accident. Throughout the process they had the highest level of communication, customer service, and direction. They flat out overdelivered in my case and I couldn’t be happier. If you are in any accident don’t make a mistake and go somewhere else… you will regret it if you do. Thank you SJW Law Injury Team you all where AMAZING!”

Antonio Trillo

“Being involved in a car accident is probably one of the most stressful events in life. Most of us don’t know the laws or what course we need to take. Contacting SJW-injury attorneys was the best decision ever. They took over all of the legal work and kept me in the loop on everything that was going on. They told me to just get well and let them handle everything else. Natasha is a superstar that handles all the calls dealing with medical and insurance issues. They all do a outstanding job, but she is my favorite. I have recommended close friends to their firm and they have been very happy with the results. Thanks 🙏🏾 again for all you do.”

Keith Barnett

“Working with SJW has honestly been the easiest process I have experienced. We never wish to be in an accident, but I am grateful I chose the right people to walk me through everything. Natasha was on top of everything and went above and beyond from simple car seat replacement to quickly answering questions/setting up appointments. She always kept me in the loop. I greatly appreciate everything and will be referring everyone over to them.”

Denise Harrop

“The lawyers at SJW are the best car accident lawyers in Las Vegas!!! I was rear ended on the freeway. They got me an amazing result, and got it to me quick, and they helped me get the medical care I needed. Anyone I know that gets in a wreak I’m sending them to these guys.”


“If you got injured in some type of accident, these are the best attorneys to go to in Vegas! I was badly hurt while at a business. Other lawyers didn’t want my case, Shawn and the other lawyers at SJW fought for me and got the proof to show the business messed up. Got me an amazing result! Life changing money!”


“I HAVE BEEN TO MOST OF THE OTHER ATTORNEYS IN LAS VEGAS AND THIS IS THE BEST Attorney I have ever experienced. They keep great contact with their clients. No cold calls.”


“Ani Gavrilova was amazing! She helped me through the process and close my case best possibly. Best personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas!”


“Shawn is an amazing attorney who puts his clients needs above all. His integrity and ethical standards are of the highest level. I would recommend Shawn as a personal injury attorney to my family and friends should they ever need one!”


“I am extremely happy with the results I had with SJW. I was rear ended and soon began to deal with injuries and car problems that came with the wreck. Was frustrated and didn’t know where to begin. Shawn personally helped to get my car repaired in a timely manner , helped me schedule physical therapy, and settled my case quickly during Covid. I was extremely happy with my results. He made the process easy and I felt he truly cares for my best interest. So thankful for him and his team at SJW law.”


“Shawn represented me in my car accident case. I must say that I am extremely happy with the representation that I received. Shawn is professional, knowledgeable, responsive, attentive, and truly cares about his clients. They kept me informed regarding the status of my case and were always available to answer questions. The staff was amazing. They were always welcoming and friendly. If you ever need an attorney, Shawn is the person you want to represent you.”