Who’s Liable in a Public Transportation Accident?

Public transportation provides a great service to large cities and highly populated areas. However, larger populations often mean more vehicles on the road, and in turn, more vehicles represent more opportunities for accidents. While there are several different forms of public transportation, the primary form of public transportation in Las Vegas is the city’s RTC bus system. RTC is short for Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada. 

Unfortunately, city buses are often involved in dangerous and even deadly crashes. So are privately owned passenger busses, which are commonplace in Las Vegas, particularly on or near the Strip, as they are used to transport tourists. Over the last decade alone, an average of 60,000 bus accidents have occurred annually, leading to as many as 14,000 injuries for passengers and pedestrians.

Basics of a Bus Accident

Whether you are in another vehicle, a passenger on the bus, or a pedestrian walking alongside the street, it is important to understand your rights if you are involved in a bus-related accident. If you are the driver or passenger in another vehicle, your rights will be similar to those of someone hurt in a typical car accident. For more information, please see our Car Accident page. If you are a passenger on the bus and injured in the accident, you are entitled to collect compensation. Injuries to a city bus’ passengers can be particularly serious due to the lack of seatbelts on most such busses. While a bus’ passengers can be, and often are, very serious, for pedestrians involved in a bus accident the resulting injuries are often severe or even fatal.

Establish Fault

Just as you would in a regular car accident, establishing fault is the first step. If another driver hits the bus you are a passenger in, you will file a claim through the driver’s insurance provider. However, if the bus driver is at fault, you will make a claim against the RTC’s insurance policy.

A bus stops near the sidewalk to load and unload passengers

Get Medical Treatment

care as soon as possible. Having a medical professional examine your injuries is the best way to know the full extent of your injuries. Also, many common types of injuries people sustain in a bus-related crash can be far worse than they initially appear. As such, it is best to seek medical care as soon as possible.

File a Claim

Once you have received the medical care needed and doctors have had the opportunity to assess the extent of your injuries, you will need to make a claim against the bus’ insurance policy. Bringing a claim against the bus’ insurance provider following an accident can be stressful and confusing. If you were recently injured in a bus-related accident, the attorneys at SJW Injury Attorneys have the expertise required to help you bring a successful claim against the bus’ insurance company.

If you are still on the fence about enlisting the help of an attorney, remember that the attorneys at SJW will not charge you a penny until you win your case.

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