What To Do If You’re Injured at a Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Pool

Las Vegas hotels and Casinos go to great lengths to make their pool area a fun and exciting location for their guests to enjoy. These pools are often crowded, with loud music and large quantities of alcohol. These factors combined with the Las Vegas sun and heat, can present significant risks to guests, especially when there is a higher likelihood of slipping and falling on wet concrete. Many Las Vegas resorts even have scheduled times where they transform their pool into a club, where the increased number of people and, often, their increased consumption of alcohol, only increases the risks to guests. Meaning, the excitement of a Las Vegas pool can also come with an increased risk of pool-related injuries.

Who Is Responsible For My Pool Injury?

However, Las Vegas’ casinos are still responsible for ensuring their pool is reasonably safe. This responsibility increases when they increase the number of guests and provide them more alcohol. Whether you are a local or just visiting, if you were hurt while visiting a Las Vegas pool, the hotel may be responsible. If you have questions regarding your injuries or your ability to make a claim against a hotel/casino, call or stop by SJW to speak with a top-rated Las Vegas hotel injury attorney today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, completely free of charge.

10 Steps to Take if You Were Injured at a Hotel Pool

If you or someone you know was only just injured at a hotel pool and you are still there, below is a list of potential steps to take immediately following a pool accident.

  1. Request medical assistance
  2. Report the incident right away
  3. Take pictures of the incident area
  4. Talk to any potential witnesses and request their contact information
  5. Take pictures of your injuries
  6. Do not post anything on social media
  7. Do not speak with the casino’s representative, other than to report your injuries
  8. Take a moment to carefully write out everything you can remember about the incident

Contact SJW Injury Attorneys

If you’ve been injured at a casino or hotel in Las Vegas and feel like there is someone at fault, contact our Las Vegas law firm today. We are alway happy to speak with individuals about their incidents at no cost to help determine if legal action is needed.