Safety tips for avoiding a motorcycle accident in Las Vegas

Motorcycle accidents can be a devastating experience for both the rider and driver alike, it is important for drivers to be even more vigilant when sharing the road with a motorcyclist. While avoiding accidents is the responsibility of everyone on the road, many Las Vegas motorcycle crashes can be avoided if people driving vehicles take a few extra precautions. Here are 5 tips for driving safely near a motorcycle:

  1. Stay Alert.

    Be aware of your surroundings at all times when driving near a biker or motorcyclist. Las Vegas has many distractions near our roadways, especially next to the more crowded city center where the lights and signs of the strip are competing for the attention of drivers. There are also many things inside our vehicle competing for our attention. It is common to see drivers in Las Vegas using their cell phone, among other things. Blocking out the distractions inside and outside of our vehicles when sharing the road with a motorcyclist can help avoid accidents with motorcyclists and avoid the devastating injuries that usually follow.
  2. Share the Road.

    Allow additional distance when driving behind a motorcycle, even more distance than you would typically allow for another vehicle. The rule of thumb is a four (4) second distance when driving behind a motorcyclist. This additional time allows motorists to brake safely and possibly prevent an accident.
  3. Be aware of Distances.

    It can be very difficult for drivers to correctly gage the speed and distance of a motorcycle. Because of the position of the sun, this can be especially true in the morning and evening, when many of us are driving to and from work. In Las Vegas, there are certain times of day where the sun can be almost blinding. For these reasons, be more critical when judging the distances can help avoid a motorcycle involved crash.
  4. Be Patient.

    Wait for oncoming motorcycles to pass before entering an intersection. Because the speed and distance of a motorcycle can be hard for drivers to gage, it is always best to give motorcyclists the right of way in any intersection.
  5. Don’t drink and drive.

    Driving after drinking any amount of alcohol is always a bad decision. But it is particularly dangerous for motorcycle riders because being hit by an impaired driver will often result in catastrophic injuries.

If you, or someone you know, was recently hit by a vehicle while riding a motorcycle in Las Vegas, feel free to give SJW a call. Or, if it’s easier, you are more than welcome to simply come by our office. We have a Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer with the experience to help with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. For detailed information on what to do after a crash, you can visit our motorcycle accident page.