Pedestrian Accident Statistics in Las Vegas

As a nation, we have seen an increased effort to be mindful of pedestrians while operating vehicles. Many major U.S. cities have experienced a steady decline in pedestrian-related accidents, serious injuries, and fatalities. Unfortunately, Las Vegas has not experienced these same trends.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 36.4% of Las Vegas’ total fatalities involved pedestrians in just 2019. To further educate readers, we’ve gathered additional information that might surprise you about Las Vegas roadways.

Las Vegas Pedestrian Crash Data

We’ve pulled and paraphrased information from a data sheet produced by Zero Fatalities Nevada centered on traffic safety in Nevada. Before we dive into the numbers, note that a pedestrian crash fatality is when a motor vehicle collides with a pedestrian and the pedestrian dies as a result of the accident.

Since pedestrian fatalities continue to rise, pedestrians in Las Vegas should always remain vigilant. There was a total of 387 fatalities on Nevada roadways between 2014 and 2018. During that same period, 376 pedestrians were killed in crashes, showing just how deadly collisions with pedestrians are.

Year Over Year

The most accurate and comprehensive pedestrian data made public by the state of Las Vegas comes from the years 2014 to 2018. Here’s what we found, broken down by year:

  • 2014 = 70 fatal crashes
  • 2015 = 65 fatal crashes
  • 2016 = 80 fatal crashes
  • 2017 = 85 fatal crashes
  • 2018 = 76 fatal crashes

The number of pedestrian fatalities and fatal crashes differs. If a pedestrian is killed in an accident, it counts as one accident – even if multiple pedestrians are killed in the said accident. Since these numbers vary, the number of total pedestrian fatalities in the same period breaks down as follows:

  • 2014 = 71 pedestrian fatalities
  • 2015 = 66 pedestrian fatalities
  • 2016 = 80 pedestrian fatalities
  • 2017 = 91 pedestrian fatalities
  • 2018 = 79 pedestrian fatalities

Crash Locations

In the state of Nevada, almost 90% of fatal pedestrian crashes took place on urban roadways (again, between 2014 to 2018). Clark County, the county where Las Vegas is located in, reported the highest number of fatal pedestrian crashes. Las Vegas was specifically responsible for 284 of the total 376 pedestrian fatalities.

The physical location on a roadway also played a major role in fatalities. The vast majority of fatal pedestrian crashes did not occur at an intersection or a marked crosswalk. On the contrary, 63% of these fatalities occurred in unmarked areas of the road (often referred to as jaywalking). Pedestrian accidents that led to a fatality at an intersection or marked crosswalk made up 17% of total pedestrian fatalities (66 deaths). Only 5% of pedestrian fatalities occurred on a sidewalk and made up 20 total deaths.

Cars driving up and down the Las Vegas strip at night


The “who” involved in pedestrian fatalities is also backed up by data. Males are significantly more likely to be killed in pedestrian-related accidents than women. Males ages 51-60, particularly, comprised the greatest number of pedestrian fatalities from 2014 to 2018. During that time, 62 males in the 51-60 age range were killed in a pedestrian accident. Males ages 61-70 were the next most likely to fall victim to a pedestrian accident.

Here are the most common factors associated with pedestrian-related accidents:

  • Alcohol
  • Jaywalking
  • Inattention
  • Distracted pedestrians
  • Pedestrians failing to identify turning vehicles

Accident Timing

Pedestrian fatality research also found the most common times of day when accidents occur. The hours between 6 PM and 11:59 PM experienced the highest number of fatal crashes with more than 60% of these fatal pedestrian accidents happening at night in areas with satisfactory street lighting.

Fatal pedestrian crashes happen most often from Thursday to Saturday, making up over 50% of total fatal pedestrian accidents. Regarding months of the year, November experienced the most fatal pedestrian crashes. There were 52 fatalities in November, making up 14% of all pedestrian deaths.

Hire a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Victims of pedestrian-related accidents – whether the accident is classified as “serious” or not – should immediately seek out help from a Las Vegas pedestrian accident law firm. There are laws unique to the state of Nevada, meaning a local lawyer will be the best fit for pedestrian accidents occurring in Las Vegas.

A pedestrian accident may lead to ramifications that can linger for years or last a lifetime. Pedestrians may experience physical and mental challenges after an accident, and treatments for these types of injuries can be extremely costly. That’s why a pedestrian accident lawyer is critical. An experienced pedestrian accident law firm helps clients receive compensation for the following expenses:

  1. Costly medical care and rehabilitative costs
  2. Potential permanent disability
  3. Lost wages or time off of work
  4. Insurance problems or disputes
  5. Legal issues, including liability

An experienced and qualified accident attorney will conduct a thorough analysis of the pedestrian accident case. Following their investigation, the pedestrian accident lawyer will inform the victim whether or not there are grounds to file a personal injury claim. A lawyer will file a claim to ultimately help victims seek justice and receive satisfactory compensation for injuries sustained and associated financial burdens that arise due to these types of accidents.

The legal team at SJW Injury Attorneys is well equipped to handle these types of pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas and throughout the state of Nevada. If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident, seek legal counsel to help you navigate the claims process. Our team is here for you. Contact us today if you have further questions.

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