NHTSA Updates Car Assessment Program

According to The Center for Auto Safety, NHSTA’s new Car Assessment Program proved to be more “limited” than anticipated.

As stated in the article “CAS supports NHTSA’s proposed update to the New Car Assessment Program(NCAP), although we must note that the scope of the proposed update is far more limited than optimal. NCAP has a number of other areas that need to be addressed, crash avoidance technology ratings being but one. Faced with more choices than ever, consumers need better tools to discriminate between the offerings of various automakers, yet they are met with a wall of 4 and 5 stars that are not sufficient to identify vehicles with superior safety performance. If NCAP ratings remain a participation trophy, then they cannot promote design excellence or safety improvements, and offer subpar assistance to consumers seeking distinguishing information to support their vehicle purchase. Improvements to crashworthiness testing are also overdue, as are corresponding developments to ensure that NCAP helps protect people of all shapes and sizes, and in every vehicle position.”

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