how long do you have to report an accident in nevada

How Long Do You Have to File a Police Report After a Car Accident in Nevada?

Car accidents can be overwhelming, and it’s natural to feel disoriented in the immediate aftermath. However, it’s essential to be aware of your responsibilities of what to do after a car accident, including reporting the accident to the police. In the state of Nevada, there are specific guidelines regarding the timeframe for filing a police … Read more

Complete Defensive Driving Checklist

The phrase “defensive driving” surfaced in the mid-60s when Chris Imhoff, the head of the National Safety Council, released a list of practices and strategies to keep drivers safe and decrease crashes. Now, we have further research on defensive driving and new laws about accident prevention. Defensive driving principles are still the best way to … Read more

Has COVID-19 Negatively or Positively Affected Road Safety?

There’s no question that COVID-19 has impacted lives worldwide in many ways. As people spent months in lockdown trying to figure out a “new normal,” some parts of life (that were usually stable) changed because of the different conditions. Road safety is one of those parts. COVID-19 affected road safety both negatively and positively. According … Read more

Making Las Vegas Roads Safer

Las Vegas city officials are taking measures to make the city’s roads safer for motorists and pedestrians. This effort is long overdue as fatalities and serious injury stats have grown in recent years. In 2022, Clark County appointed Andrew Bennett as director of the newly created Office of Traffic Safety. This new office is evidence … Read more