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A landscape scene of the Las Vegas strip in the evening

Pedestrian Accident Statistics in Las Vegas

As a nation, we have seen an increased effort to be mindful of pedestrians while operating vehicles. Many major U.S. cities have experienced a steady decline in pedestrian-related accidents, serious

A driver with both hands on the wheel of a Volkswagen

Complete Defensive Driving Checklist

The phrase “defensive driving” surfaced in the mid-60s when Chris Imhoff, the head of the National Safety Council, released a list of practices and strategies to keep drivers safe and

Busy Las Vegas road at night

Making Las Vegas Roads Safer

Las Vegas city officials are taking measures to make the city’s roads safer for motorists and pedestrians. This effort is long overdue as fatalities and serious injury stats have grown

Busy road in downtown Las Vegas near the strip at nighttime

Hit-and-Run Laws in Nevada

Every state has laws and regulations surrounding hit-and-run accidents. Some states, like Nevada, enforce harsher penalties than other states for failure to report accidents. In Nevada, drivers must take proper

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